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Are you a mom interested in learning more about building a website?

Thinking about a career change when the kids go back to school?

Just interested in growing your technical skill set?

Join us on Tuesday, March 13th at Galvanize Boulder for a FREE class on the basics of HTML and CSS!

We'll provide the cheese and chocolates -- you come ready to learn!

Also.... you don't have to be a mom to attend. :)

You will learn:

- the basics of how to write HTML and CSS

- what different HTML tags are used for

- basic CSS properties

- how to put all of the above together to build a web page


5:30 - 5:45 - Doors open & networking and nibbling
5:45- 8:00 - Workshop and Q&A

How to Prepare (before class):

- Bring your laptop (fully charged). Make sure to bring your laptop charger just in case your battery dies...

- We will be using CodePen in class. Sign up for the CodePen "free plan" here: https://codepen.io/

Meet Your Instructor:

Teddi Maull

The benevolent queen of Galvanize - she nurtures the weary students through the swamps of shame, the depths of despair, and the valleys of varying degrees of absolute lows. She herself was once amongst those who conquered the full stack as a student of g7. You can hear her soothing voice murmuring sweet Javascript knowledge into the ears of the students who close their eyes, lulled into a false sense of comfort. Alas, if only you could fix a syntax error with your eyes closed. Teddi can.

About our Sponsor

Galvanize is the premier dynamic learning community for technology. With campuses located in booming technology sectors throughout the country, Galvanize provides a community for each the following:

  • Education - part-time and full-time training in web development, data science, and data engineering

  • Workspace - whether you’re a freelancer, startup, or established business, we provide beautiful spaces with a community dedicated to supporting your company’s growth

  • Networking - events in the tech industry happen constantly on our campuses, ranging from popular Meetups to multi-day international conferences

To learn more about Galvanize, visit galvanize.com.

  • When: Tue Mar. 13
    5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

  • Address: 1023 Walnut Street
    Boulder C),US 80302

  • Web: Visit Website