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Potent. Primal. Transformative. Healing. Awakening.

We enter our second season of offering deeply transformative Conscious Breathwork at the gorgeous and sacred Starhouse in Boulder. We invite you to participate in this soul level work of healing and "whole-ing", to breathe in the breath of life and love; and, to allow the spaciousness of actively stepping into a more radiant, anchored, and potent version of yourself.

Join us. We look forward to sharing sacred circle with you.

With infinite love and appreciation,



Throughout the ages and our timeline, cultures all over have desired to connect with the realms, and expanded states of consciousness. The "there must be more to this life" than what meets us in 3D.

Conscious Breathwork is a potent healing and "whole'ing" modality that originates from the ancestral lineage I was born into as well as our collective lineage (Indian, Punjabi, Sikh, Human, Star Being where this is known as "simran") and has been used for millennia to access altered states of consciousness to access our own inner realms of immense wisdom, guidance, and healing; and, as a means to connect to our higher Self, our guides, and spiritual growth. Many also experience encounters with the Divine, the Sacred, transcendence of time or space, direct experiences of the primordial vibration of all life within the greater, deep peace, unconditional infinite love, and orgasmic ecstatic states.

This modality is safe, gentle, and infinitely loving -- you are invited to surrender deeply to the process. Everyone will have their own unique and deeply moving experience every single time -- no two experiences are the same.

Conscious Breathwork is a clearing and cleansing experience for the body as we connect to the vibration of our breath, with the vibration of divine love. You are conscious for the vast majority of the experience (except when experiencing samadhi). You are invited to arrive open to the potent and powerful field of growth and healing, awakening, and transcendence that are offered by Conscious Breathwork.

This is a sober modality -- i.e. no other plant medicine is involved. We may involve sacred cacao at some point -- that will be a different offering :)

This modality has been my mainstay in helping to move through, to integrate, and to make peace with (finally) the immense trauma and PTSD from the mudslide of the September 2013 floods -- and then deeper layers that I had numbed out from childhood. I love being able to breathe, to live, and to feel again.

Benefits may include:
* Deepening of spiritual connection;
* Dissolving of stress and anxiety;
* Dissolving of trauma, PTSD;
* Release of dis-empowering and self-limiting beliefs;
* Increased connection to your guidance, intuition, and awareness of the greater unfolding;
* Heal emotional contributors to dis-ease; childhood wounding; birth memories; past-life limiting influences; trauma stored in the body;
* Connect with the state of flow; increasing your creative process
* Safe and natural way to experiences altered/ expanded states of consciousness;
* Healing on all levels is possible and available -- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual; along with ancestral;

And, so much more...

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing. Eat a light dinner (soup, salad) and nothing an hour beforehand.

Space is limited -- please pre-register for any event that you feel guided towards to ensure your spot.

INVESTMENT: $60 - 75 sliding scale
SEASON'S PASS -- $600 to $750 to reserve your spot for the 10 sessions
SCHOLARSHIP -- you are invited to contribute to the scholarship fund; please indicate any donations as "scholarship"

Paypal to gurpreetgill2 at hotmail dot com -- with a note for the desired date(s) or use the Eventbrite link

Please bring your nest:
-- something comfortable to lay on
-- cosy blanket
-- eye mask (if you have one)
-- a high vibe snack to share
-- journal or diary along with something to write with

**FIRST TIMERS** -- if you've not engaged with Conscious Breathwork before OR if you've not breathed with me before, please arrive promptly at 6:15 p.m. inside the Starhouse for a group introduction. This allows us to drop into sacred space more deeply in the larger group.

REFUND POLICY: No refunds are available but you may offer your ticket to another for the same date, or add it to the scholarship fund.


A) Private one-on-one offerings are available:
-- Conscious Breathwork
-- Water sessions for Conscious Breathwork
-- Soul Clarity Intuitive Guidance (virtual or in person)
-- Energy Balancing and Whole'ing (distant or in person)
-- Psychic Clearing
-- PTSD and Trauma release
-- Coaching

-- closed container of up to 8 souls who gather for 6 consecutive weeks for an intimate, potent container of sacred soul work
-- closed container = same group of individuals

-- day-long and weekend-long workshops
-- 3 to 4 day long retreats
-- Conscious Breathwork; Intimacy & Connection; Sacred Sexuality; Women, Wellness, and Self; Power & Self; and, more.


Thank you for tonight Gurpreet! Truly emotionally uplifting and third eye expanding with body sensations of vibrating waves of light and energy pulsing through me. It felt as though I was experiencing myself as pure energy, that space between atoms. A chemical-free ecstasy that came with profound meaning and lessons from my higher self. ~ Mari C. (Boulder)

Gurpreet’s sheer presence invites you to abandon all your fears and trust issues, your societal misconceptions… and your expectations altogether. Breathwork is inherently deep and powerful, and Gurpreet matches that tremendous power in her ability to create loving, nurturing space for you, the group, and whatever arises. Crying hysterically, laughing, or writhing on the floor--you are safe--and Gurpreet will be your guide and your pillar of strength. Her deep intuitive sense will support you in ways you didn’t even know possible. Sign up, trust her, Let go... and you will uncover your infinite potential and true inner beauty and bliss. ~ Libby S. (Boulder)

Gurpreet's breathwork sessions have been the most transformational tool in my healing and new awakening. From the minute you arrive, you step into the warmth and security of the womb she has created for your birthing. Allowing and using your breath to be your instrument and Gurpreet your gentle guide, you enter on a Divine journey into self, and possibly other dimensions and time. After your journey, you are never the same. Pieces of your physical, spiritual, and cognitive self are reborn and transformed into a more solidified sense of self. And, on a light note, there's usually chocolate or some wonderful food to be shared after in celebration of this ceremony.I am most grateful to know and call Gurpreet my dear friend. This practice is part of her lineage, and she is one of the most powerful healers on this planet. I highly recommend journeying with her. ~ Olivia R. (California)

  • When: Tue Mar. 13
    6:45 pm - 10:00 pm

  • Address: 3476 Sunshine Canyon Drive
    Boulder CO,US 80302

  • Web: Visit Website