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The Enterprise Coach Course is a three-day, full-immersion experience for consultants, coaches and leaders whose responsibility is to guide their enterprise through the adoption of Lean and Agile. The course will teach you the practical techniques required to grow the right mindset and culture and to build organizational habits – sustainable practices that match organizational context and continuously evolve to drive maximum enterprise value.

(NEW! Certified Org Mindset Enterprise Coaches are entitled to teach "Lean-Agile Mindset and Culture: A Course for Organizational Leaders". See course description.)

Course topics:

  • Complex Adaptive Systems
    • Organization as a sociotechnical system
    • Process as a system of enabling constraints
    • Adaptation of practices and dynamic organizational change
    • The problem of ‘waterfalling’ the adoption of Agile
    • The biggest impediments to adopting Lean and Agile in the enterprise
  • Mindset and culture
    • Diagnosing legacy mindsets in leadership and engineering
    • Identifying and removing factors that encourage legacy mindsets
    • Aligning and refining enterprise and team mental models
    • Factors that form culture
    • Growing the right culture
    • Anti-patterns in growing mindset and organizational culture
  • Organizational design
    • Organizing around value in complex cases
    • Understanding value networks
    • Demand-Portfolio-Supply model of organizational design
    • Organizational implications of Conway’s Law
    • Fixed vs. fluid team structure
    • Building a high-performing team-of-teams
    • Anti-patterns in organizational design
  • Building organizational habits
    • Making practice a habit
    • Impediments to building sustainable practices
    • Coaching the right mindset for a practice
    • Understanding how practices evolve over time
    • Anti-patterns in practice adoption
  • Building a learning organization
    • Implementing validated learning in your organization
    • Open and closed-loop systems
    • Identifying and addressing blind spots in mental models
    • Process evolution in the organization: experiment, scale, repeat
    • Anti-patterns in validated learning
  • Adaptive enterprise economics
    • Exploring and defining business value in an organizational context
    • Operating with leading and lagging economic indicators
    • Optimization within existing funding constraints
    • Evolving towards Leaner funding models
  • Enterprise coaching techniques
    • Coaching in ‘Gemba’
    • Problem-solving tools
    • Building the rollout roadmap
    • Coaching vs. training
    • Coaching at different levels of the enterprise
    • Coaching anti-patterns
  • Adoption patterns for practices in:
    • DevOps
    • Architecture
    • Quality
    • Planning – Synchronization – Demo – Inspect & Adapt
    • Exploration and learning
    • Metrics and Measures

The course is built around numerous individual and group exercises and simulations designed to effectively explore and internalize specific coaching and change management practices, critical for an enterprise coach.

Prerequisites: This course is for experienced Lean-Agile leaders, coaches and consultants only. This assumes a couple of years of operating in one of the capacities listed above.

  • When: Tue Jul. 17 - 8:00 am
    Thu Jul. 19 5:00 pm

  • Address: 4710 Pearl E Cir
    Boulder CO,US

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