Event Details

Once upon a time, you started a company to fix a problem in the world. How well are you able to articulate it in a way that compels other to further your vision? A story told well is a beacon for talent and a reason for customers to ‘pick you’, so it’s worth some practice.

In this meetaway, we’re getting together to get feedback, not about our pitch (to investors), but to on our company story -- that story which compels talented people to join your team and customers to be not just a transaction but superfans of your product.

  • 15mins – Listen to Andy Raskin talk “How your narrative drives growth”
  • 45mins – 3x15 min, 1:1 Conversations to get feedback on your story

If you’re new to meetaway, meetaways are online events designed for the busy entrepreneur. The format always includes a series of 1on1 conversations and sometimes has a primer to orient the group – in this case, Andy Raskin's talk. Conversations maximize the value you’ll get (personable and personalized feedback) and online makes it efficient use of your time so you can get back to your day.

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