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What is Leadership Camp

Leadership Camp is a concentrated, intensive, transformative three-day program designed to accelerate participants’ growth as aware and empowered leaders and teams.

Camp will focus on introducing core concepts of Transparent Leadership within the context of the operating realities of startups, and entrepreneurial divisions and companies. This program can kickstart an immediate increase in self-awareness, engagement, communication, candor, and innovation for you, your leadership team, your head of culture/HR, key managers, or your entire organization.

One of our recent attendees described camp this way: “Camp is a unique opportunity to dig deep into yourself in a supportive and safe environment. Gaining this understanding paired with conscious leadership concepts allows you to create new possibilities in your personal and professional life, through clearer communication, context, and vision.”

We’ve written about the impact of this work in MergeLane runs on Conscious Leadership.

What Camp is All About

Leadership Camp introduces core concepts and applications of Conscious Leadership that will kickstart an immediate increase in self-awareness, engagement, communication, and innovation for leaders, teams, and entire organizations.

Leadership Camp shows talented professionals how they might reach the highest version of their potential and what might be standing in the way. For this to happen, attendees must be willing to be challenged from a place of openness and curiosity.

Leadership Camp kickstarts an immediate improvement in engagement, communication, candor, and innovation. Leadership is formed through relationships, whether that’s with your boss, employees, investors, kids, or spouse. We help leaders:

  • Spot their personality patterns and blind spots

  • Develop a culture of candor that supports functional conversations and enduring relationships

  • Build skills and tools for embracing and working through conflict

Leadership Camp is perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs + Founders

  • Enterprise + Big Company Leaders

  • Non-Profit Leaders

  • Leaders in Transition

  • Emerging Leaders with Big Vision

  • You

Why is Leadership Camp Called “Camp”?

Well, we like immersive programming that feels like camp: rich, connected, experiential, intense, fun, transformative.

What’s the Schedule for Camp

The schedule for camp events is as follows. Anything not labeled optional is mandatory:

  • Thursday Night: 7pm OPTIONAL socializing at location to be determined for attendees

  • Friday: Session from 9am - 5:00pm; 5:15pm: OPTIONAL socializing at location to be determined

  • Saturday: 7:15am: OPTIONAL Yoga (bring change of clothes to venue); 9am - 5:00pm Session; 6:15 - 8pm Mandatory Dinner Activity

  • Sunday: 9am - 1pm Session

What’s the Investment Required to Attend?

Leadership Camp costs $1299 per person. We offer an early-bird discount of $1199. We also offer a discount of 10% for teams of 3 or more.

Are there scholarships?

Yes! We have two scholarship seats each camp for participants that enhance racial diversity. Apply here.

What Else Should I Know About Camp?

Leadership Camp is an emotionally intense, introspective experience. We will be working to uncover often lifelong patterns that can facilitate leadership but also get in the way unconsciously. One thing we notice is that most of these patterns have deep and meaningful emotional connections. As leaders, we often suppress emotions as not being "allowed at work." Conscious leaders learn to be present and aware of the emotional underpinnings they bring to their work encounters, decisions, and judgments. Leadership Camp helps attendees explore their emotional substructure in a way that may feel direct and intense.

You will have full control over what you choose to share, but assume others will be sharing intimate and revealing information from which the entire group can learn. Be prepared for charged discussions. We believe noticing, naming and welcoming our patterns in an trusted group is key to creating transformation and reducing drama at work.

If you've been waiting for a chance to deepen your self-awareness as a leader, Camp is for you.

Leadership Camp is located at 1425 Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado. The entrance to our suite is on the west (toward the hills) side of that building. If you're driving, there is a parking garage directly behind the venue, on Spruce between 14th and 15th.

What is the refund policy?

You will receive a full refund less $25 of administrative expense if you cancel 45 days prior to the start of camp. You will receive a 50% refund if you cancel between 44 - 21 days prior to the start of camp. As of 20 days prior to the start of camp, your registration will be non-refundable. We will consider requests to substitute yourself for an attendee that you choose on a case-by-case basis, with due regard to the waitlist.

Have More Questions?

We love questions. Please email [email protected] with any questions about Leadership Camp.

  • When: Fri Oct. 26 - 9:00 am
    Sun Oct. 28 1:00 pm

  • Address: 1425 Pearl Street
    Boulder CO,US 80302

  • Web: Visit Website