Event Details

What’s your social media strategy for your startup or small business? If you’re new the game, or you skipped this step and social media management is now consuming your life, then this event is for you.

We’re starting at square one with “Five Easy Steps for Creating Your Social Networking Strategy” then we’ll move into having a series of 1:1 conversations to put these ideas into practice for our own businesses. So, in this hour-long event, you’ll come away with a starting spot to market your product in an efficiently and effectively.

The agenda:
  • 10mins - Listen to 5 steps to creating your marketing strategy
  • 3x15min 1:1 conversations with other entrepreneurs

We’re all busy building our businesses, so I’m running this as a meetaway.

If you’re new to meetaway, meetaways are online events designed for busy entrepreneurs. The format always includes a series of 1:1 conversations and sometimes has a primer to kickoff the conversations – in this case, 5 Steps to Strategy from the SmartEntrepreneur. One-on-One conversations maximize the value you’ll get (personable and personalized feedback) and online makes it efficient use of your time so you can get back to your day.

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Audience: Pre-Seed Entrepreneurs
Topic: Marketing