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Branding precedes and supports marketing efforts, but branding and marketing are different.

Topic: Branding & Maximizing Your Online Visibility
Includes Social Media & Online Reputation Management

Branding precedes and supports marketing efforts, but branding and marketing are different.

  • It is essential to define branding and to understand why branding is an important piece to the marketing puzzle.
  • The core process of determining your target market for your brand.
  • Selecting your domain name or making sure that your current domain name correlates to your brand.
  • Is it important to have an email address with your company name?
  • Is social media marketing necessary for branding?
  • ​How to manage your reputation online?

This session will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding the difference between marketing and branding.
  • General branding for your small business (target markets, product/service descriptions, and competitive differentiators).
  • Selecting your domain name
  • Creating email addresses with your company name
  • Branding your business using Social Media
  • Employees’ social media collaborating with your brand
  • ​Managing your reputation online.

Dates & online class time:
Offered Daily

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