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The data lake is a repository of corporate data. So how is that different from a data warehouse? Where does a data lake leave off and data warehouse begin, and vice versa? Are these mutually exclusive environments or long-lost companions in a future data nirvana?

Using our point-counterpoint approach, a team of seasoned data experts will debate the relationship between data lakes and data warehouses and come to a consensus opinion. This Socratic approach will help you understand:

  • How a data lake differs from a data warehouse
  • What workloads belong in a data lake versus a data warehouse
  • How the dividing line between the two environments is getting fuzzier
  • How to build a modern analytics ecosystem that leverages the best of data lakes and data warehouses

Host: Eric Kavanagh
The Bloor Group

Analyst: Wayne Eckerson
Founder and Principal Consultant
Eckerson Group

Analyst: Dave Wells
Sr. Research Consultant
Eckerson Group

Guest: Bruno Aziza