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#SHIFT your BODY - #SHIFT your LIFE!

Come learn about the inventor of The Shifter® Technology, Jase Graber, and talk about the benefits of Shifting® and have a chance to feel The Shifter® Technology for yourself with a free demo!

The first step to well being is having a fully functional frame and mind+body alignment. This can be achieved by Shifting® which stimulates blood and energy flow through the brain, spinal cord, and neuromuscular system. Promoting Balance, creating Symmetry, and enhancing Performance.

The Shifting® program includes a set of progressions on the fully patented Shifter® which realigns the spine, corrects posture, increases active range of motion, and heightens reflexes to unpredicted events allowing for an enhanced natural flow of well being. From Heeling™ to Performance, Shifting® can improve balance, spine alignment, muscle tone, stability, coordination, sensory processing, speech, motor development, cognitive development, confidence and emotional well being and the program is beneficial to everyone and has immediate results!

INVEST in your FUTURE because your HEALTH is your WEALTH!


Snacks provided by local Boulder companies.


Balance is an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. Balance is key to all functional movement. It helps your postural equilibrium, muscular balance, joint dynamics, neuromuscular system and stability. Balance training is important because balance is a part of everything we do. When we walk, run, bike or swim, we are balancing ourselves. The first step to Shifting® is getting balanced.


Symmetry in biology is the balanced distribution of duplicate body parts or shapes within the body of an organism. The body plans of most multicellular organisms exhibit some form of symmetry, whether radial, bilateral, or spherical.

If a human being could do everything with their left side exactly the same as they could with their right side (perfectly mirrored) so that there was no dominate side, this would be the ultimate functioning human being. The Shifter® and its independent momentum platforms allows both sides of the body to perform equally.


Performance is the action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, or function. This is applicable in sports, work, home, and all aspects of lifestyle. Life happens and is unpredictable. Shifting® offers a full functional frame, heightened reflexes, and is proven to help users regroup 10x faster from unpredicted events.

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