Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

Sherry Wiggins, "Father and Child at Red Fort"

The current exhibition “Sherry Wiggins: Out of India-Drawings and Photographs” at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art is happening right now through November 17! In 2014, Sherry Wiggins traveled to Delhi, India to participate in a residency at the Sanskriti Foundation where she investigated the work of artist Nasreen Mohamedi (1937-1990). Mohamedi, known for her meditative drawings and black and white photography, developed a contemplative language within her art that drew from the ancient and Mughal architectural elements of her city. It was with Mohamedi as her imaginary guide and artistic mirror, that Wiggins entered a process of visiting and inhabiting those same ancient sites. In these magnificent spaces and iconic architectures Wiggins’ furthered the connection between her peripatetic practice, one that often builds drawings from photographs, and that of Mohamedi’s. By the time Wiggins returned to her studio in Boulder, a new body of abstract works in India ink, graphite and gouache was underway. Even though the two artists diverge in perspective and media, Mohamedi having worked largely in ink and pencil, they remain linked through their individual process whereby each mediated the architectural in India in search of connectivity between self and others, nature and the built world.

Don't miss this engaging visual exhibition that will immerse you in another culture. The interdisciplinary artist will take you on a unique journey!

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art encourages young artists through their youth programs, Students have the opportunity to create art as well as interpret art. The museum offers an environment that is not only educational, but incredibly inspiring for your young one! With several artists and educators visiting the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, your student has the opportunity to pick their brains, work with different mediums of art and contribute to group art projects. There are several workshops where your young one can explore his or her individuality and make new friends!  This not only challenges your student to be creative and open minded, but builds self confidence in his or her work.

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