Experience Downtown Boulder

Downtown Boulder offers a wealth of things to enjoy

If you will be visiting Boulder, Colorado any time soon, then you certainly need to know what there is to see and do around town. What should you do? Where should you go? What is there to experience in this town? Actually, downtown Boulder offers a wealth of things to enjoy. Here, you'll find a brief guide to some of the best options for you.

Pearl Street Mall

If you will be venturing into the downtown area, then you cannot miss the Pearl Street Mall. This enormous area covers most of the central downtown district, and contains a wealth of shopping, dining and exploration opportunities. Whether you want to shop for a souvenir, a new handbag or a new chain for your mountain bike, you'll find it here. You will also find that Boulder Creek is located nearby, which makes an excellent option for a bit of exploration.


SODA stands for South Downtown Area, and is where you will find numerous businesses, as well as one of the better cinemas in the city. You can shop and dine, but you will also find service-oriented businesses here, such as vets and other companies. It's not quite as touristy as other areas of the city, but you'll still find plenty to see and do.

The East End

After you've explored Pearl Street Mall, you might choose to wander over toward the East End. Here, you'll find even more shopping, as well as places to sate your appetite. Of course, you will also find some of the area's most popular hotels.

The West End

The West End of town is an eclectic mishmash of shops, eateries and mountain views mixed with garden scenes. If you have a love for things out of the ordinary, yet vividly enjoyable, head down to this end of town for a bit of fun. Regardless how you like to shop, eat or play, you will find something fun and engaging to do in Downtown Boulder!