About Downtown Boulder

Boulder, Colorado is home to some of the most beautiful and breathtaking views found in the United States. Seated in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder boasts some of the best hiking trails and scenic views in the Western United States.

Many people venture to Boulder, Colorado to visit the mountains, however, that's not all Boulder has to offer. Be sure to visit the downtown area to catch some of the best food and drinks in Colorado. Take a coffee and tea tour to experience some fine craft coffee and craft tea.

If beer is your thing, Boulder may be the spot for you. Home to a number of breweries that specialize in craft beer, Boulder is sure to satisfy even the pickiest beer lover. There are a number of beer tours available for the beer lover in your family. These tours are typically arranged by paying an upfront price and then receiving a flight of beer at each brewery on the stop. The flight typically features the 4 or 5 most popular beers at each individual brewery. This allows people on the tour to get a taste of all the different styles each brewery has to offer without getting too intoxicated or spending too much money. The samples are typically much smaller than a regular glass of beer.

Boulder is also home to quite a few museums. The Leanin' Tree Museum of Western Art is a sight to behold. It features some of the best art from around the Western United States and has many unique pieces not typically found in any other museums around the United States. If Western is not your favorite, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art features a provocative selection of some of the most relevant and thought provoking artists in the world today. Art lovers and enthusiasts will love the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. It has fostered a burgeoning art scene in Boulder that is taking much of Colorado by storm.

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