Downtown Boulder Demographics

Downtown Boulder, Colorado was settled in 1858 as Boulder City and has grown to a population of over 100,000 in 150 years. The population is predominantly White, but the people are very diverse. The median household income was estimated at $57,211 in 2011. Nearly 60% of the households are non-families, but about 20% have children under the age of 18. Boulder is home to many students, including those at the University of Colorado; therefore apartments and restaurants are aplenty. As with most of Colorado, microbreweries are also common across the city.

As most parts of the city are in a semi-arid climate, summers can get warm with evenings dropping quickly off in temperature. In the winter, snowstorms are common. However, when the season is pleasant, Boulder offers a variety of outdoors options. Rafting can be found near downtown and trails link up to the edge of the city, but even right within Boulder there is an excellent opportunity to grab a bike and utilize the many bike lanes to get around town.

Pearl Street offers a very popular area with many restaurants, breweries, and stores for shopping. The atmosphere is very park-like and filled with creative decor. Nearly anywhere you go from this street will land you at one of the many breweries around Boulder. These breweries not only offer great beer and food but they also often host tours of their breweries as well. Downtown Boulder offers more than just places to eat, although there are many; it is home of museums too. For example, the Boulder History of Museum offers exhibits to learn more about the history of the area. The museum has thousands of photos and artifacts on display.

Whether you're planning a trip to Boulder, looking to move there, or live there already, there is always something new to discover. The diversity of Boulder keeps anyone busy and on their feet. Be sure to come explore Downtown Boulder soon!

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