Downtown Boulder Food & Drink Scene

The local food scene in downtown Boulder, Colorado is impressive and diverse. Locals and tourists who wish to eat well have plenty of choices in the area. The same goes for people who want to enjoy some great drinks. Downtown Boulder is a great destination for people who want to experience the state of Colorado's greatest dining and drinking opportunities.
Some of the many significant restaurants located in downtown Boulder are Bohemian Biergarten, Centro Latin Kitchen & Refreshment Place, Falafel King, Fuji Cafe & Bar, The Attic Bar & Bistro, Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom, Ted's Montana Grill and Woody Creek Bakery & Cafe. The choices in food in the area truly run the gamut. All-American foods are extremely abundant in the area. The area has foods from all areas of the globe, too.
Downtown dining doesn't have to be expensive. People who are on budgets can easily enjoy inexpensive yet tasty lunches in this part of Boulder. Some of the most affordable dining establishments in the area are Chipotle Mexican Grill (a popular fast food restaurant chain), Brasserie Ten Ten, Falafel King, Jaipur Indian Restaurant, Moongate Asian Bistro and Next Door. Chipotle Mexican Grill can be a great spot for people who want quick tacos, for example. Falafel King can be great for those who want falafel balls. Moongate Asian Bistro has some affordable options in delicious salads, soups and spring rolls. There are quite a few inexpensive specialties available to downtown diners.

There are many wonderful downtown bar options for people to consider visiting as well. Some downtown locations that have bars and "happy hours" are The Bitter Bar, Aji, Illegal Pete's, Inc., Johnny's Cigar Bar, License #1, Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery and OAK at Fourteenth. The Bitter Bar is known for its many affordable cocktail, sparkling wine, white wine, beer and appetizer deals. Johnny's Cigar Bar is known for its many white wine, red wine and draft choices. Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery, finally, is known for its high-quality flagship beers.

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