Downtown Boulder Culture

Downtown Boulder Culture

Colorado is full of interesting cities, but Boulder definitely rises to the top as a fun and diverse community. With the University of Colorado at the heart of the town, Downtown Boulder has a college feel: plenty of apartments and even more delicious eateries, breweries, and bike lanes. Boulder is also nestled against a network of trails that wind up and around the bases of mountains on the western border. Because of its diversity, the local culture in Boulder is guaranteed to keep anyone on their feet.

The scene at Boulder largely revolves around the gems found on Pearl Street. This al fresco mall is packed with people, restaurants, and shops. The streets are always bustling, and there are even lively pubs and breweries within a short distance of the most popular sections. Of course, the food, drinks, and shopping is not limited to Pearl Street. Nearly any direction you take will lead you to more.

The culture in Boulder includes far more than just storefront and restaurants. In fact, no Colorado city would be complete without a piece of the outdoors. Getting a taste of the Colorado outdoors in Boulder might include renting a bike from one of the many places that offer rental services, venturing along Boulder Creek, or even hiking along the mountainous outskirts of town.

Finally, there are also the arts and music scenes. Various museums exist across town, and numerous festivals are held annually. If you're already planning to wander around downtown Boulder, however, don't forget to check out the live music available in many venues. Pubs and coffeehouses alike offer a variety of sets to tune into at your leisure.

The diversity and relaxed atmosphere in Boulder makes it warm and welcoming to people of all kinds, and especially attractive to the adventurous. One thing is certain: There will always be a new craft beer to try at one of the dozens of breweries with rotating selections. Ready to get cultured in Boulder?